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Terms Of Sale

The following terms and conditions govern the sale of all products by Stealth Aerospace (also “Seller” to its customers (also “Buyer”). Such terms and conditions supersede the terms and conditions on any purchase order submitted to Seller on a different or modified form. Seller reserves the right to change its terms and conditions from time to time without notice. If Buyer does not agree to any of the terms listed below, Buyer must contact seller upon receipt of goods for immediate return.

1. Buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods described on this invoice unless notice of rejection is given to Seller in writing within 7 days of receipt of order. All claims must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of materials. No claims will be honored thereafter. Our liability shall be limited to replacing the
material or refunding the invoice value of the material sold.

2. No material can be returned without Seller issuing a return material authorization number (RMA#), which will be issued at Seller’s discretion. All goods for return must be freight prepaid.

3. Material that is not defective is returnable at the sole discretion of Seller. Any returns for such materials are at the sole discretion of Seller. All materials must be in original Stealth Aerospace packaging. All packing must be unopened. A restocking fee of at least 15% may apply. Stocking fees vary from product line to product line. Non-defective returns are subject to Credit only for future

4. Some goods may be imported and/or resold at buyer’s discretion; however, Sellers liability is not transferred to any third parties. Once the material specified herein has left Buyer’s possession and no claims have been made, Seller will not honor claims thereafter.

5. Seller may in its sole discretion at any time and from time to time change the terms of Buyer’s credit, require payment in cash before shipment of any or all of the products specified herein, and/or require anticipated payment of any or all amounts due or to become due under this contract. If Seller believes in good faith that Buyer’s ability to make payments called for by this contract is or may be impaired, Seller may cancel this contract or any remaining balance thereof, Buyer remaining liable to pay for any products already shipped.

6. Buyer failure to make timely payment may result in such action as revocation of credit, delay or cessation of future deliveries, repossession of unpaid delivered goods or any one or more of these. Not withstanding and “net” payment provisions specified in the front of the invoice, Seller shall have no continuing obligation to deliver Products on credit, and Seller may withdraw any credit approval at any time and without prior notice.

7. The Uniform Commercial Code, as stated in California, shall apply to the terms of this sale or any future sales. Jurisdiction and venue for any dispute arising hereunder shall lie in the Central District of Los Angeles County.

8. Buyer’s acceptance of the parts or attempt to accept the parts prior to any dispute that may arise constitutes approval to these terms.

9. Any other terms and conditions whether on the customer purchase order and or previous documents are no longer valid and replaced with these terms and conditions.

10. In the event Buyer defaults in payment, Buyer shall be responsible for all of Seller’s attorneys’ fees and costs, including all collection costs. In addition, interest shall accrue on any unpaid balance due and owing Seller in an amount equal to 1.5 % per month.