Lock Assembly, Door Latch

SAM10 Lock Assembly, Door Latch

This latch was designed for and is being used on lavatory doors.

SAM10 Lock Assembly, Door Latch

All SAM 10 latches are basically the same. A Couple such as the -62 are a little different in size. However, the major difference is the language. Here is a summary of the available configurations.

The SAM 10 series come in either a Right (R) or Left (L) configuration. If you walk up to the door, and the hinge on the right hand, the latch is on the left hand side, and the bolt of the latch moves towards the left when you lock, that would be a (R).

Part Number Script
SAM10-1L, SAM10-1R
SAM10-2L, SAM10-2R
SAM10-3L, SAM10-3R
SAM10-4L, SAM10-4R
SAM10-5L, SAM10-5R
SAM10-6L, SAM10-6R
SAM10-7L, SAM10-7R
SAM10-8L, SAM10-8R
SAM10-9L, SAM10-9R
SAM10-10L, SAM10-10R
SAM10-11L, SAM10-11R
SAM10-12L, SAM10-12R
SAM10-13L, SAM10-13R
SAM10-14L, SAM10-14R
SAM10-15L, SAM10-15R
SAM10-16L, SAM10-16R
SAM10-17L, SAM10-17R
SAM10-18L, SAM10-18R
SAM10-19L, SAM10-19R
SAM10-20L, SAM10-20R
SAM10-21L, SAM10-21R
SAM10-22L, SAM10-22R
SAM10-23L, SAM10-23R
SAM10-24L, SAM10-24R
SAM10-25L, SAM10-25R
SAM10-26L, SAM10-26R
SAM10-27L, SAM10-27R
SAM10-28L, SAM10-28R
SAM10-29L, SAM10-29R
SAM10-30L, SAM10-30R
SAM10-31L, SAM10-31R
SAM10-32L, SAM10-32R
SAM10-33L, SAM10-33R
SAM10-34L, SAM10-34R
SAM10-35L, SAM10-35R
SAM10-36L, SAM10-36R
SAM10-37L, SAM10-37R
SAM10-38L, SAM10-38R
SAM10-39L, SAM10-39R
SAM10-40L, SAM10-40R
SAM10-41L, SAM10-41R
SAM10-42L, SAM10-42R
SAM10-43L, SAM10-43R
SAM10-44L, SAM10-44R
SAM10-45L, SAM10-45R
SAM10-46L, SAM10-46R
SAM10-47L, SAM10-47R
SAM10-48L, SAM10-48R
SAM10-49L, SAM10-49R
SAM10-50L, SAM10-50R
SAM10-51L, SAM10-51R
SAM10-52L, SAM10-52R
SAM10-53L, SAM10-53R
SAM10-54L, SAM10-54R
c, SAM10-55R
SAM10-56L, SAM10-56R
SAM10-57L, SAM10-57R
SAM10-58L, SAM10-58R
SAM10-59L, SAM10-59R
SAM10-60L, SAM10-60R
SAM10-61L, SAM10-61R
SAM10-62L, SAM10-62R
SAM10-63L, SAM10-63R
SAM10-64L, SAM10-64R
SAM10-65L, SAM10-65R
SAM10-66L, SAM10-66R
SAM10-67L, SAM10-67R
SAM10-68L, SAM10-68R
(Same as SAM10-1, expect uses a nylon breakaway bolt instead of solid aluminum to be used in a blow out door)
SAM10-69L, SAM10-69R
(Same as SAM10-68, but also adds a unique face that mounts to the door jam. Special Customer Design)