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      SAM254   Dims
     Circuit Breakers
     Smoke Detectors
Sample Parts


Stealth Aero Marine   Miscellaneous


Series Description Details  
SAM200 Attachment - Frame Installation Primary purpose to secure insulation within aircraft to the framework.
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SAM202 Door Stop This is used to hold a door in a open position against a bulkhead.

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SAM203 Push Button Retainer The push button retainer is primarily used to hold a sliding rack in position. It will fit into any 1" panel or wall by potting or adhesive methods.


SAM209 Panel Retainer Designed to evenly suspend a sliding panel or door in customer provided tracks.

SAM214 Receptacle Box Enclosure for electrical outlets providing a cover condition when not in use.

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SAM215 Hold Down Tray Assembly Designed to hold a fold down tray flush with a wall when not in use.

SAM219 Panel Leveler Primary purpose of this design is to join two panels together in a flush and level position.



SAM220 Support Fitting Assembly Designed for use in conjunction with the SAM 213 ceiling support latch.

SAM254 Receptacle Cover Assembly Enclosure for electrical outlets featuring a sliding cover when not in use. Molded in high strength Radell.

SAM254-1 Shown

SAM254-2 Shown

SAM254-4 Shown

  SAM257 Hook Latch Hook Latch

SAM276 Tray Table Latch A detented push pin latch commonly used for galley tray tables, however can be used for various push or pin lock applications.

SAM276-1 Shown

SAM277 Tray Table Latch Similar to the SAM 276 with the exception of a spring loaded bolt in the extended position.

SAM277-1 Shown

SAM288 Snap Fit Cover Plate Designed to conceal unsightly floor fittings and hold down devises used on modular closets when attached to the seat track. The SAM 288 features a constant spring tension for a secure fit and anti-rattle.



SAM350 Trim Ring Custom machined trim ring for floor mounted stowage units



SAM351 Trim Ring Custom machined trim ring for floor mounted stowage units



SAM500 Clipboard Assembly A specially designed assembly for permanent installations.



SAM501 Mirror Assembly Rectangular mirror stationary mounted or hinge mounted, design for in-flight crew use.

SAM501-3 Shown

SAM902 Extractor Generally used in the galleys for the extraction of food stowage containers stowed two deep allowing the second container to be easily extracted, (variable lengths available upon request)



SAM903 Roller Block Assembly Designed for use where roller guides or tracking is needed. An eccentric shaft allows easy adjustability on all axis, including outward.



SAM905 Adjustable Track Fitting Primarily designed for allowing adjustability on floor mounted "dog house" stowage units mounted to seat tracks eliminating undesirable clearance gaps commonly found when rigid track fittings are used.


SAM907 Door Hold Open Device Designed for most any type of door, tray, or stow box lid where a detent hold open device is required.


S-1121 Potting Adapter Designed for potting and / or inserting in panels to adapt either the SAM 201 or SAM 201-1 series latches.



S-1124-1 End Cap Cosmetic covers used to close open end of decorative trim.


S-1124-2 End Cap Cosmetic covers used to close open end of decorative trim.


S-1125 End Cap Cosmetic covers used to close open end of decorative trim.



Lanyard Assemblies



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